"How to attract great people, keep you and your team more focused, and be more productive in your research..."

In this on-demand training, Dr. Giddings shows how you can turn being an "accidental leader" to your advantage, without working even harder or sacrificing who you are

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Start transforming your leadership skills and say goodbye to the overwhelm and stress of trying to juggle your career and your team. 

Case Studies: Dr. Tanya Garcia, Dr. Shwetal Mehta, and Dr. Marta Gaglia

How these leaders found more time, increased their funding, and got to focus on the work they love after struggling to "do it all" themselves.

Tanya Garcia, PhD

UNC - Chapel Hill 

Shwetal Mehta, PhD

Barrow Neurological Institute - Phoenix, AZ

Marta Gaglia, PhD

Tufts University - Boston, MA

Here's what we're doing:

We're showing you how to avoid the leadership myths that will slow you down or cause you to go backwards, and instead how to drive your research productivity from you and your team's own authenticity. 
We're showing you how to bring your authentic Vision, Drive, and Focus to your research leadership, so you can move it forward faster and more easily, without becoming someone different, or micromanaging
We're developing the foundations that will help you get recognized more easily and quickly, to open doors in the pursuit of your research
We're helping you develop the platform for bringing in funding for your research more easily, by showing you how to embrace authentic leadership and avoid the pitfalls of "accidental leadership" that slow funding (and everything else) down
We're going to show how to recruit and build a great team, without having to find and recruit those rare "unicorn" team members that have the perfect skills, drive, and attitude to move the work forward independently
We're building authentic leadership systems based on your CORE talents, motivators, and your unique interpersonal communication styles, so you don't have to work 60+ hours a week to "keep it together."   
We're learning how to build confident and vision-driven teams that compliment your leadership style, so you can stop micromanaging and get back to doing the work that inspires you 
We're introducing you to tools and structure that keep you focused on making a research impact, instead of just keeping you busy 

Here's how we're doing it:

We'll spend 4 weeks on LIVE calls where I will show you the concrete, actionable frameworks you can use to quickly implement your own Authentic Leadership Style.
All calls are recorded, so even if you have to miss calls, and you can access to them to implement this for to help move your research forward more quickly
You get downloadable worksheets that help you define your unique leadership style, and that of your team members 
You'll have access to me and my team during Q and A sessions, through a private video/chat channel, and email support, so if you're worried about missing a scheduled call - we've got you covered! 

The Requirements:

Internet access, a computer, and a current (or upcoming) position in leadership 
About 3 hours per week to spend on our LIVE calls and complete any "homework" strategy worksheets 
A desire to learn how to lead yourself and your research team authentically and authoritatively for more productivity and recognition, without working harder 

Start Date and Schedule:

We start September 12, 2022 @ 12pm Mountain Time 
Calls are Mondays at 12 pm MT/2 pm Eastern, and will be recorded for your review in case you can't be there live

Early Registration closes in 3 days 10 hours 23 minutes and 25 seconds

The Investment:

The normal tuition is $570  
You can save $175 and enroll for $395 before the early bird deadline
We limit enrollment because we have a very small team, and want to make sure you have the best experience getting the support you need
We also hate watching talented researchers get stuck in indecision instead of taking a powerful step forward in their career, so we offer a timely incentive for decisiveness
We have made this course affordable because we know that if you're satisfied with your results in this course, you'll be more likely to choose us when you're looking to improve your results in other areas like funding.  
Teaching about how to overcome the pitfalls of being an "accidental leader," by leveraging your own authenticity, is a topic we enjoy sharing based on our own struggles with this. We want to help you avoid those same struggles.

The Leadership Course that Empowers your Research Career

(Instead of stressing you out, leaving you wondering what you're doing wrong, and makes you feel like you're spinning your wheels instead of making the big moves and impact you are passionate about.)

You no longer have to do leadership alone. We've been there, and tried to fit ourselves in the uncomfortable and restrictive box of research leadership. There's a better way, we'll show you how. 

Elevate your Leadership Skills with These Awesome Bonuses! 

Bonus 1

Vision, Values, And Culture Workshop 

With Scifoundry Leadership Program coach, Lindsay Crowther

During this 3 hour LIVE and interactive workshop you will:

Define the Core Values that will form the platform for you and your team's focus, and prioritize your strengths in each 
Draft a clear and meaningful Vision Statement that will keep you and your team inspired and on track
Explore what makes a powerful team culture, and how to leverage your Core Leadership type to get the results you want 
Build the framework for your lab culture by defining and establishing roles, expectations, and procedures 
Learn about communication, building loyalty, and dealing with challenges in your team
Bonus 2

Access to Core Productivity Module 5 Videos and worksheets, to help you quickly determine what things will help you and your team members be more in alignment and productive, without all that hard work

Learn all about you and your team's CORE, so you can much more easily identify what is authentic (and what is not!), and applying that to more focus and productivity for your team. It will also help de-mystify the difficult recruitment challenge.

We've hand selected videos from our popular Core Productivity course that help you dive deeper into the nine "Core Types" of people, so you can learn how to motivate the different personalities of your team. 

Discover the nine Core Types of people 
Take the self-assessment to find out your own Core Type and Leadership Style 
Identify the strengths and set-backs common with each Core Type 
Learn what motivates and inspires each Core Type, and what tanks their energy
Build a powerful team by understanding what Core Type people you need to support you and your science
Identify how to manage different Core Types of your team to increase productivity, performance, and teamwork 
Learn strategies for management, team building, and communication techniques that work with your unique Core Type
Core Leadership Style Handbook: Learn the strengths and snags of your leadership style
Bonus 3

"The Missing First Step" Grant Writing Training

We can't ignore that to be an effective leader, you've also got to be good at writing grants and securing funding. During this bonus training you'll:

Explore how implementing this missing step will help you build clarity and direction before you sit down to write your proposal
Discover the questions you must answer in your proposal 
Learn how to address reviewers' priorities and concerns 
Learn how to build reviewer trust and confidence in you and your project 
Learn how to streamline your writing process, without getting stuck on details 
Bonus 4

The Creative Pipeline Tool to Move your vision forward

Get clear on exactly what you want, and how to easily create it! With these lessons and step by step worksheets you will:

Learn to use the Creative Pipeline tool - move towards your vision without getting stuck in over-analysis
Discover you why your creative ideas get "stuck" and are difficult to move forward 
Implement each step to move your creative ideas into inspired action steps 
Addresses the habits, beliefs, and default behaviors that halt creativity 

Lead Confidently and Authentically

Leadership doesn't have to suck or be all about becoming a scripted "manager". Instead, craft a leadership style that creates less stress and better results without driving yourself (and your team) crazy. 

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the course?

You will get access to the online course site within 24 hours of signing up. The first call is Monday, September 12, 2022. If you sign up after the 12th, call recordings will be available to you immediately!

Can I pay for this with institutional funds?

Yes! We will work with your University on purchase order/check payments and we accept purchasing cards / institutional cards. By place a refundable $100 deposit, you lock in the special tuition discounts and can start participation while your payment is being processed.

To proceed, click on the "Get Started" button above, fill out your name and email address, and then click on the "institutional Purchase" tab in Step 2 of the checkout process. 

Are there any additional costs?

No, all the course materials, mentoring, and coaching is included in the tuition. 

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

Yes! All of our content and our membership site is available 24/7 anywhere in the world. Our live calls are scheduled during the typical US Business day and week, but are open to international members. Call recordings are available in the members site.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can divide the tuition into two payments to make it easier on your pocketbook (if you are paying with credit card). Institutional Purchase Orders are single payment only.

Important Fine Print. Nothing in this document is to be construed as guaranteeing results of any specific nature, related to funding or otherwise. The results you obtain are a function of your implementation and dedication as a student in the class, and no teacher in the world can guarantee your results as a student. In fact, many people who take career development classes and workshops don't get any results at all, simply because they don't make the time to do the work needed. While this class is designed to help you if you do the work, and it is designed to not require a large investment of time, it will require work, commitment, and perseverance. There is no "quick fix" for better leadership (or any other career challenge of that nature). It takes time and dedication to build a solid research program, and to develop skills like this that are generally not taught in graduate and medical programs. So be ready to put in some hard work and stick it out, or otherwise I advise you to skip this class.

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