We're sorry, the discount on tuition expired - But you can still save $588

The clock has ticked down to zero, which means the special discount on Scifoundry Leadership Program has expired. 

However, you can still save $588 of tuition by committing to the annual program! And what's more, think of all the time, stress, and frustration you will save by having a supportive community and mentors to walk you through challenges.

If I could go back in time, I would have paid a very hefty price to reduce all the years of wasted time spinning my wheels. The stress that put on me, my family, and my lab was unnecessary - but unfortunately I didn't realize it at the time. And I didn't have access to resources like this one we've created for you. (That's one of the reasons I created it, so that I can help others avoid going through the living hell that I did).

So, regardless of small differences in tuition due to the sale, I sincerely hope you'll consider the big picture, and if you need this kind of help with your career, you'll go ahead and get started.

If you choose to do so, sign up for a strategy call with Lindsay here and she'll walk you through the the process.

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Note: No class, no matter how well-constructed, is a substitute for your own hard work as a student. If you do not invest your time on an ongoing basis in developing these crucial skills, you absolutely will not get any useful results by enrolling in the class, or via any other means we are aware of. 

While we do our best to represent your potential results accurately, understand that your results ultimately depend on your effort more than they do any other factor - including our teaching and materials. The class materials are provided solely as a guide to focus those efforts, and reduce the cycle of time-wasting that so many researchers experience when it comes to grant proposal writing.  There is no other claim about your results being represented here, except that as with all of life, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out - and that having an experienced guide such as this class can generally facilitate a more efficient journey. 

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