We know you know Morgan but have you had a chance to truly connect with her story?

Through our videos and content, you’ve had a chance to interact with Dr. Morgan Giddings, the founder of SCI•Foundry. You already know about some of the frameworks she has created for success in academics, but have you truly had the chance to meet her?

Morgan shares her story about her academic life and research career in this interview. She also talks about her background, getting started on her career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and how exploring the process behind getting funding played a vital role in her research career.

Morgan also speaks candidly about the struggles to write successful grants and to find mentorship within the academic system. She also shares the story of her career turnaround – from years of grant rejection to four consecutive large awards in a row (NIH R01 and equivalent). This video is worth watching for anyone looking for inspiration and valuable insights into academia and research. An academic career is a difficult journey but this is one example of how the proper mentorship and flexibility to apply shifts to your mindset can lead to success.

We hope you found this video interesting and, if you think that mentorship is the right fit for you, then we invite you to book a strategy session with our team so we can provide further support to your funding efforts.

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